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Driving Smart in the Cold with an Electric Vehicle

While my fellow Tesla Model S owners in Manitoba and Alberta will likely have further thoughts on cold weather driving I found the premise behind John Broder’s recent article in the New York Times disturbing. In his follow-up post he mentions: Virtually everyone says that I should have plugged in the car overnight in Connecticut, particularly given the cold temperature. But the test that Tesla offered was of the Supercharger, not of the Model S, which we already know is a much-praised car.

5,000 Electric Kilometers and Counting

This week, after just over a month of driving, I hit the 5,000km mark on my Tesla Model S. As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun and this is one fun ride! In the last several weeks I have given numerous test drives to family, friends, and colleagues. With each test drive I hope that people walk away in awe of how great an electric car can be.